This woman’s husband refuses to touch his baby son’s private parts ‹because it’s gay›

شوهر ٢٨ ساله يك #زن جوان امريكايي اين تصور را دارد كه دست زدن به بخش #خصوصي فرزندش و لمس كردن #كودك خود نشان ميدهد كه او يك #همجنسگراست . ( گي )
اين زن جوان ٢١ ساله براي اطلاع از اين مشكل و حل ان به سايت هاي مختلف و #تحقيق در اين زمينه روي أورده است .


This woman’s husband refuses to touch his baby son’s private parts ‹because it’s gay›
You think your dad is clueless? Take a look at this one
You have got to be kidding20 June 2016by Joe Morgan
A 21-year-old woman has gone to the internet for advice for one of the most craziest problems yet – her 28-year-old husband thinks touching their son’s private parts is ‘gay’.
Yep. So he thinks it’s ‘gay’ if he changes a diaper, or wipes his baby boy’s butt, or all the other stuff you have to do as a new parent.
‘I’ve been married to my husband for three years, but we’ve been dating for two years before that,’ she wrote on a now-deleted Reddit post. ‘He’s honestly the best person I’ve met.’
‘Our relationship is pretty good up until this point. I’m pregnant, unexpectedly but finances are in a good spot so we can handle a baby. My husband was very happy when he found out. I got the ultrasound a few weeks ago and we found out that we’re having a boy. Super excited,’ she added.
‘I’ve been reading parenting books because I didn’t have the best mom and I want the best for my son. I’m an only child so I don’t have much experience on child care so I want to be over-prepared. I heard that raising a baby is one of the most stressful times in your life so I’m learning all I can right now because I’m a low learner according to my husband. Which brings us to the next point.
‘I’ve been reading about diaper rash and how important it is to change the diaper and clean the baby as soon as possible. I told my husband that when the baby comes he needs to use baby wipes on the groin and butt as a precaution since it can be pretty bad. He stopped me and said that I would be changing all of the diapers, that he doesn’t want to touch anything because it’s gay and that it’s my responsibility. We got into an argument because I really want his help in raising our son. I’m planning on breast-feeding him so I won’t be getting a lot of sleep and so if he helps me change the baby it would help me a lot.
‘I don’t understand why my husband thinks like that. Our baby is our son, we need to take care of him. My husband stormed off so what can I say to change his mind? I was thinking about calling his parents and asking but I can’t find my phone right now. Before I do that though, I want to make the best argument so he will listen to me.’
How did Reddit respond?
‘I am shocked that a 23-year-old who started dating a 16-year-old turned out to be a childish idiot,’ one said.
‘Best argument? Eh, it’s his son and he should help is a good argument. You can’t make an argument against this stupid a statement. Touching his son is gay. Does this mean he would help if it were a girl? How creepy is that?
‘But I am kinda suspecting that he’s expecting you to do all the child rearing and this is an excuse, not an argument.’ – Read more at:


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