Georgia church’s ‹Satan made gays›

كليسايي در جورجيا با نسب تابلويي ، با رنگ سياه و سفيد اعلام كرده است كه همجنسگرايان از شيطان به وجود مي ايند.


Georgia church’s ‹Satan made gays› billboard plastered with black paint
Vandals fight back against homophobic billboard
Vandals strike back against homophobia21 June 2016by Joe Morgan
When you say to the world that Satan made gay and trans people, you should expect a…critical response.
Outside The Back to the Bible Holiness Church in Buford, Georgia, the pastor put a sign that said: ‘God created man and woman. Satan made gays and transgender.’
The billboard was up as 49 people were massacred in LGBTI nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Florida.
‘I haven’t cursed anyone,’ Pastor Bobby Wright said, defending the sign. ‘I haven’t called anyone a name.’
Wright, who has been the pastor of the church for 20 years, has repeatedly used the sign for his homophobic rhetoric.
‘I’m a voice for the community,’ he told 11 Alive.
Within days of the billboard being put up, black paint was plastered all over it.

Police are investigating, who believe the sign was damaged between 6pm Sunday and 10am Monday.
‘If it can’t be repaired, we have warranties to it – we’ll replace it,’ Wright added. ‘We’ll be back in action. Just a pit stop, we’ll be rolling again.’ – Read more at:


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